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Staying Hydrated When Over 50

As we age, our bodies aren't always up to the tasks they were in their younger years or able to complete the functions they were used to. This is a natural part of aging, and as you reach your senior years, expecting health changes is par for the course. However, that doesn't mean you cannot do anything to reverse or slow changes, regardless of how old you are.

Proper hydration is an important aspect of your health as you get older. Your body needs water to function at any age, but as you get older and your body starts to need more support, proper hydration is essential.

Poor hydration is linked to health conditions such as increased urinary infections, uncontrolled diabetes, and an increased risk of dehydration.

This post looks at some ways you can improve hydration as you age.

Purer Water

One good way to improve your hydration is to enhance the quality of the water you drink at home. You can buy water filtration systems to connect to the home supply that can improve the quality of your drinking water and help remove impurities at the source. Using reverse osmosis systems allows for increased water purification to give you the best possible quality drinking water.

Set Timers

The key to proper hydration is to ensure you drink small amounts throughout the day instead of gulping it down once you are thirsty. If you are thirsty, you are likely already mildly dehydrated; hence the thirst. To avoid this, set a timer to remind you to pick up a drink, and even if you only drink a little, it's better than nothing.

All Drinks Count

While this doesn't permit you to drink all kinds of unhealthy drinks, it is important to get water from many sources, not just drinking water itself. While drinking water is the best form of hydration possible, you can also boost your hydration by drinking black coffee and teas, coconut water, fruit juices, and more. While they should be limited and not drunk excessively, they still count.

Food with High Water Content

Another good and easy way to stay hydrated is to eat foods with a high water content. These foods can be watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peaches, and celery. Their high water content counts towards your required hydration and can help you avoid becoming dehydrated, especially if you aren't a big drinker. Even more, you will benefit from the nutrients they have. Why not try adding some of these foods to your drinking water to flavor it and help you reach your goal?


Proper hydration is important at any age, but as you get older, it becomes more essential to help you live your life and retain your health that little bit longer. These tips can help you get the hydration you need in easy ways and avoid becoming dehydrated or causing any unwanted health issues because you aren't drinking enough.

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