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The majority of Americans have spent decades turning their houses into homes—places of comfort, rest, and of course, wonderful memories. It is no surprise that so many are reluctant to abandon the familiar and the comfortable—the physical place that is the extension of their identity. As many of us age and develop mobility challenges, we struggle with the decision to either move to a new location that is accommodating to our needs or remain in the familiar and comfortable dwelling that we have made our home.

Following is a list of categories of services and organizations that can help seniors and loved ones remain safe at home.

Adult Day Care Services

Adult Day Centers provide a coordinated program of professional and compassionate services for adults in a community-based group setting. Services are designed to provide social and some health services for adults who need supervised care in a safe place outside the home during the day. They also afford caregivers respite from the demanding responsibilities of caregiving. Adult daycare facilities for the elderly are licensed and inspected by the Department of Aging. Costs for Adult Day Centers range from $60/day to $100+/day on average in the Lehigh Valley. The costs are paid for with private funds or may be partially or fully covered by long-term care insurance, Veterans Assistance, or Medicaid through the county’s Aging Waiver Program. 

All-Inclusive Care

All Inclusive Care is a managed care program for frail, older adults who have been determined to need “nursing facility level of care” but wish to remain in the home and community. It is nationally known as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the older adult (PACE).

Continuing Care at Home

Continuing Care at Home is a program that empowers independent, relatively healthy persons to stay at home even as their health needs change. It is a membership-based program consisting of a one-time fee based on age and plan and monthly fees based on the plan selected. Members experience the best aspects of a continuing care retirement community, long-term care insurance and senior care management personally delivered - wherever you call home.

Hospice Care

Hospice is comfort care given to persons who are terminally ill. The care emphasizes pain control, caregiver needs, emotional, and spiritual needs. The care does not include a cure to treat terminal disease. This is a Medicare benefit and is comprised of formal and informal care that can be provided in one’s home, a hospital, nursing home, or freestanding hospice center. 

Medical Home Health Care

Medical home care, also known as home health care, is prescribed by a physician and is administered by a registered nurse or other medical professional in a home setting. It is often used to treat an illness or injury and many times is covered by Medicare, medical insurance, and other insurances, depending on an individual’s circumstances. The chart below shows the types of insurance that each provider accepts.

Non-Medical Home Care

Non-medical home care includes a wide variety of companionship, home helper, and personal care services that help individuals with living activities as well as ensure a safe environment. All non-medical home care companies are licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Payment for services is often made by the client since traditional medical insurance does not cover non-medical home care. For those who qualify, non-medical home care may be paid for partially or fully through Medicaid (via the County’s Aging Waiver Program), Veterans Assistance, and long-term care insurance. The average cost of non-medical home care services can range from $25–$35 per hour, depending on one’s needs. 

Senior Centers

Senior Centers are non-residential programs for older adults, providing a variety of social, educational, health, and recreational programming.

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