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Lifestyles over 50


LIFESTYLES Over 50 is more than a magazine, it is a community! LIFESTYLES Over 50 encourages boomers and seniors to live vibrant and healthy lives through education in the following ways:
  • Production of print and web media
  • Curation of the LIFESTYLES Over 50 online community platform
  • Community initiatives including local events, sponsorship, donating to worthy causes, and volunteering
  • Consulting health and senior care organizations
  • Other business intelligence and data analytic services to hyperlocal markets
  • Licensing opportunities to independent publishers of LIFESTYLES Over 50 


LIFESTYLES Over 50 started in 2005 as a monthly print magazine, annual print directory, and website with the mission to encourage vibrant and healthy living in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. As the organization grew, founder Jeff Tintle Jr. realized that Lifestyles over 50 was much more than a magazine but a community connector for individuals, caregivers, businesses and nonprofits. LIFESTYLES Over 50  became the clearinghouse for health and senior care information in the area. Additionally, the staff was sought for consulting and board positions for numerous community organizations due to their status as a leading and trusted voice in the senior care community. In an effort to bring the experience and solution of Lifestyles over 50 to other communities, they began licensing their systems, processes, and content to others who were equally passionate for caring for older adults.


With the aging tidal wave of baby boomers, the need is increasing for information and resources for families and communities to meet the needs of their aging loved ones. LIFESTYLES Over 50 has a proven publishing system to empower families as well as to equip senior service professionals to collaborate as a care community to serve aging boomers and seniors. LIFESTYLES Over 50's goal is to grow into a network of dozens of community publications with a robust digital platform to serve communities across America.

LIFESTYLES Over 50 is seeking qualified licensees to publish and grow in communities across North America. 



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