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Lifestyles over 50

NEPA Fall 2022

We’ve been lucky! Autumn temperatures have been warm, the fall leaf colors have been vibrant, apple pies are delicious, and pumpkin spice is available at the local coffee shop. I love fall! 

Did you know that falling leaves don’t just look beautiful and give you a sense of awe, but they may also bring you good luck? If you believe in superstitions, you should know that for every falling leaf caught in your hand, the same number of happy months will follow.

This issue focuses on the advice you would pass on to the next generation. We have an article on page 16 about “Being a Good Parent & Child.” We share “Life Lessons.” And we discuss “Being a Role Model” to your grandchildren on page 24.

As always, don’t forget to check out “In Your Neighborhood,” where we visit Wyalusing this issue.

We wish to all our readers that you catch a falling leaf for good luck this season. Health and happiness to all of you!

Marci Kacyon
Executive Editor