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Puzzling Jokes for Puzzled Folks

Jan 26, 2024 02:38PM ● By Alan Allegra
  • Did you hear about the crossword puzzle addict who died and was buried six feet down and three feet across?
  • I went to a fancy dress party last night dressed as a jigsaw piece but I didn't have a good time. I just didn't fit in.
  • My friend was delighted that he put together his jigsaw puzzle in 2 years. The box said "1 to 3 years."
  • Someone clobbered a victim with a jigsaw puzzle. The police are still piecing the evidence together.
  • I got tired of working on jigsaw puzzles — I just went to pieces.
  • I found a random piece of a jigsaw in my car today. I have no idea where it came from — It's a bit of a puzzle.
  • I have a friend who loves puzzles, and she's very sweet — She's never said a cross word.
  • I'm trying to teach my son how to create crossword puzzles, but he doesn't have a clue.
  • A friend of mine tried to finish a jigsaw puzzle and realized he’d accidentally swallowed part of it. He’s trying to find his inner piece.
  • My friend was excited about his new box of jigsaw puzzle pieces. He called me over to help him, and I asked, "What is it supposed to look like when it's done?" He said it was supposed to be a tiger but he couldn't figure it out. I said, "That's all right. Let's just put the Frosted Flakes back in the box."