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Aging in Place Requires a Plan—One Family’s Story

Oct 17, 2023 09:36AM ● By Alan Allegra
As she began thinking about celebrating her 80th birthday with her friends and family, Tessa realized that she would be reaching two milestones she never anticipated: her 80th birthday, and the realization that she could no longer live at home alone without some help. Her two grown daughters, Marie and Marie, were also concerned about her future. Tessa wanted to age in place in the house she had loved since she moved there with her husband over 51 years ago. Tessa met her husband in Hawaii, and when he passed after 53 years of marriage, she felt a little alone and did not want to become a burden to her daughters, who both had very busy lives.

After a frank and nervous family discussion, Tessa’s daughters agreed to find a way to make sure Mom would have the best plan for aging in place and be prepared for unexpected future needs while maintaining maximum well-being and dignity.

While researching options, Tessa’s daughter, Marie, came across an ad for a virtual information session on “Successfully Aging in Place” by Pathstones by Phoebe. After participating in the session, Marie felt that Pathstones by Phoebe may just be the answer they were looking for. Pathstone’s holistic approach to wellness and care coordination prompted them to call Pathstones to find out more, a choice that quickly set them on the path to peace of mind regarding Mom’s home, assets, and journey through a complex healthcare system.

Pathstones was not another insurance policy but a long-term care plan that would provide care and support for Tessa for her lifetime. The Pathstones by Phoebe life plan offers the choice of staying in your current home or moving to another home or community. So, when Tessa decided that maybe she didn’t want to stay in the home she had shared with her husband, Pathstones was there to help her move to an apartment at a local Continuing Care Retirement Community. With Pathstones helping them make sense of the options, Tessa’s daughters feel they are able to maintain control of their mom’s care, a package they felt they couldn’t find anywhere else. Marie and Marie were impressed with Pathstone’s life partnership. With Pathstones, they don’t feel they have to Google all day to find care options—Pathstones knows the quality and reputation of local facilities and agencies and takes that burden away from their family. Pathstones also serves as a lifelong advocate for them!

Tessa feels very fortunate to have daughters who helped her find Pathstones by Phoebe. Another man, Matt, who lived in Tessa’s neighborhood, didn’t have family living close by. He wanted to stay in his home for as long as possible; however, he was worried about what would happen as he aged. As a retired insurance agent, he had planned ahead and purchased a good long-term care policy; however, he knew he still needed some help to be able to remain in his home. His call to Pathstones assured him that, although he is currently in pretty good health, now was the time to set up a care plan. Matt is neither rich nor poor, but with proper planning, a person in his position can partner with Pathstones for a life plan that suits his wishes and situation, even as circumstances change in the future.

To see if a partnership with Pathstones by Phoebe is in your future, call 610-794-6700 or visit
*Although the names have been changed for privacy, the story is true.
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