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Lifestyles over 50

Why Starting a Business Over 50 Can Be Brilliant

So, you’re in the Lehigh Valley and you've hit the fabulous 50s and you're thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge. Some naysayers might smirk and say, "Isn't that a young person's game?" No, it really isn’t! It’s totally possible to become a business success later in life—in fact, you might even stand a better-than-average chance of succeeding. Here’s why.

Wisdom is your unique selling point

Age is not just a number; it's a treasure trove of experiences, insights, and valuable life lessons you have accumulated since you entered this world. Remember that time you managed to calm an irate client with just a cup of tea and a smile? Or when you navigated a project mishap without losing your cool? That's gold, and young entrepreneurs can't buy it!

Your network is vast (and classy!)

Over the years, you've shaken hands, clinked glasses, and built relationships with a whole lot of people, and the people you know in your professional and personal circles can be invaluable resources, advisors, and even potential clients for your new venture, which puts you at a distinct advantage over someone younger who may not have mingled quite so much.

Bye-bye, fear of missing out

Remember when decisions were made based on keeping up with the Joneses? Now, it's about genuine passion and a clear vision. There's no chasing every trend, which means more energy focused on what truly matters for your business.

Financial savvy

Those 50+ years you’ve racked up weren’t just about amassing experience; they were also about understanding the value of money, managing finances, and maybe even a few hard-learned lessons on what not to do with your cash along the way. This can, of course, translate to better financial decisions in your business.

Flexibility and freedom

Kids flown the nest? Mortgage all wrapped up? With fewer personal commitments, there's a newfound freedom that can be channeled into finally reaching your entrepreneurial dreams. Late-night brainstorming session? Weekend workshop? Bring it on!

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt

The beauty of starting later in life is that you've seen successes, but you've also seen failures—and survived them. The resilience and perspective you bring to the table mean you’re less likely to be flustered by the ups and downs of business life.

It’s good for your brain!

Starting a business is like giving your brain a fantastic workout. It keeps you sharp, challenges you in new ways, and can be a wonderful antidote to the midlife blues. It’s the sudoku of the business world but way more fun!

Work-life balance? Nailed It!

Over the years, you've learned the art of balance. Whether it's taking time out for a grandchild’s soccer game or booking that spontaneous spa weekend with old pals, integrating work with life becomes a joyful juggling act.

The “Why not?” attitude

There’s a certain liberating feeling that often comes with age: the “Why not?” attitude. Want to start a business selling handcrafted, UFO-shaped birdhouses? Why not? Your comfort with your own uniqueness allows you to think outside the box and be daring. Sure, you might need to work out how to build a website or get a CBD merchant account to get you started, but you’re never too old to learn, and why not take the opportunity to do so while you still can?

So, there you have it: 50 is certainly not too late to start your own company, and you have every chance of success, so what are you waiting for?

Photo Pexels - CCO Licence