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Are My Parents Ready for Senior Living?

Jan 19, 2023 11:32AM ● By CarePatrol of the Lehigh Valley and Upper Bucks
Are you wondering if it’s time for your parents to move into a senior living community or look for assisted living apartments? Coming to the realization that your parents may not be able to do the things they did so effortlessly once before can be very difficult. They may require more help and assistance to get tasks done, including taking care of themselves.

Following are some signs to help you know that your parents might be ready for senior living.

Noticeable health decline 
As we grow older, our cells and tissue become more susceptible to illnesses and diseases. Also, there is a higher risk of age-related diseases that one may not be able to handle by oneself. In the case where there’s no one to provide the hands-on care required for the elderly, exploring senior living options is a great way to ensure they get the required care.

When they start to feel isolated
As your parents age, they may not be able to move around as much and as easily as they used to. They might be able to take long walks, cycle, or take several buses to arrive at their destination, but they may not be able to drive. This inability to move around may cause them to feel isolated because it’s difficult to go out and mingle with people and carry on daily tasks. Exploring senior living options allows them to associate with other people and feel like part of a community.

When they can no longer perform basic care for themselves
When you notice that your parents can no longer perform basic care for themselves, it might be a perfect time to explore senior living options. If they need help performing simple tasks like getting properly dressed or finding things around the house, or they can’t keep the home clean and tidy on their own, these are good indicators that they might be ready for senior living.

Poor eating habits 
As people age, they may begin to exhibit poor eating habits because they might find it difficult to prepare meals, or may even forget to eat meals altogether. These poor eating habits may lead to other ailments and even noticeable weight loss. If that is the case, it is best to explore senior living options where there are health workers dedicated to making sure they’re well-fed and taken care of.

They can no longer handle and manage money properly

Hopefully, your parents would have put some kind of plan in place to secure their estate. If they have done so they may have made stipulations about what action should be taken if they become incapacitated.

If you have an executor for their will, you need to speak with them about your parents finances. You also need to find out the details of the arrangements for your parents estate if you don't already. 

You need to find out exactly what the executor can and cannot do. There are situations where an executor can sell property to himself. You need to research questions such as, Can an executor sell property to himself? Are they able to stop paying bills? These are things you need to be aware of so you help to monitor your parents finances.

Handling financial responsibilities might become difficult as people age, especially if there’s no one around to help. In that case, you should place your parents in a senior community where they don’t have to worry about bills or other financial responsibilities. A senior living community ensures that all their needs are properly met without putting a lot of stress on them.

Are you in the Lehigh Valley or Upper Bucks area and need help deciding whether your parents are ready for senior living, or what community you should choose? Simply reach out to CarePatrol now. Visit or call 610-509-0445 for more information.