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Lifestyles over 50

A Life Well-Lived Is a Story Worth Sharing

In 1941, Stanley S. Stephens, Sr., first invited his family, friends, and neighbors into his home for funerals, providing the space and service to help them navigate some of life’s most challenging moments.

The past two years have been particularly challenging, with the COVID lockdowns preventing families from gathering to mourn and celebrate their loved ones in a personal and proper manner. As our communities open up, we share your concern for experiencing the grieving process and preserving a proper legacy for the departed.

Our family believes that personalization is a great tool to help convey the story of a life well-lived. We take pride in working closely with each and every family we serve to learn about their loved ones and take it upon ourselves, using our creativity, to help your family share a wonderful story.

Whether you are planning a service at need or pre-need, we offer personalized funeral and cremation options to suit your individual desires. We look forward to working with your family to fully express all the unique interests that made your loved one such a special part of so many of our lives.

To learn more, please give a member of our family a call at 610-434-6304.