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Lifestyles over 50

6043 Lower Macungie Road
Macungie, PA 18062

At Legend Senior Living, we truly value the relationships we build with residents, their families and our customers.

Legend of Allentown represents the Legend Senior Living philosophy, practiced and defined over three decades, as well as any of our 42 communities in six states. Weve found theres little or no difference between the desire for independence and vibrant living between people who are in their early 30s and people over 50, no matter if you have care needs as an older adult. Your tastes may evolve, but the fundamental drive to live with independence, dignity and purpose remains. The appreciation of social life only increases.

Thats as generally as we can describethe residents of Allentown. From there, the lifestyles are as individual and varied as the personalities. Every resident has their own life design, from custom care to individualized calendars of interests and activities. We do have in common the love of neighborhood, in the best sense of the word: all the lifestyle necessities, friends to enrich our lives, privacy when you want it, new frontiers to explore through art, culture, sport, and spirit. We become cooks, painters, shade-tree mechanics, gardeners, readers, writers, movie critics, golfers, bocce players, fitness and yoga enthusiasts, musicians, and fashion . We get out a lot. Group trips to the theater, shopping, sightseeing you name it.

As a Personal Care and Memory Care residence, our mission of care focuses on every residents physical, mental and spiritual health individually. We customize service plans for each resident and their families, monitored by healthcare and with continuous liaison between nurses and primary physicians.

You may get the idea that as Legend in Senior Living, were here to keep everybody busy. We feel more often that its the residents inspiring us. The community, from the Gold Leaf dining room to the dedicated activities halls is beautiful, spacious, invigorating and purposefully designed for vibrant living.The residents define it.