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The Reason for the Cross

The Reason for the Cross

The road to Calvary was long and hard;

It was Good Friday; this day was marred.

Carrying the cross, He fell to His knees;

The old rugged cross, made from a tree.

The cross was heavy, Simon of Cyrene would say;

For he had to help Jesus as they went on their way.

Many followed and witnessed this gruesome day,

All that transpired to their dismay.


They spat on and mocked him, gambled for his robe,

For reasons that make your sorrow unfold.

But Christ never spoke a word of distress,

Only to say what he knew was best.

“Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

Words from the cross that surely were true.

Words of forgiveness because of His love;

His sacrifice for redemption sent from above.

Christ's love for mankind, illustrated at best

For this was the reason for Jesus’ death. 

The Scriptures told us He would die on the cross

But rise again, three days after His loss.

Judas was his traitor, one of Christ's own, 

Filled with the anguish due to his wrong!

The fear from disloyalty would have us see

Judas ending his life, and hung from a tree.

On the third day, Mary came to the tomb 

With feelings of sorrow and bearing great gloom.

But when she saw the stone rolled away,

She wondered where her Saviour might lay.

She learned with the others as they would see

The promise He made was a certainty.

Jesus Christ was risen, yes indeed,

To preach and teach of eternity.

Now, why the cross and suffering, we ask?

So salvation would be ours at last.

How wonderful this sacrifice, made for us;

It removes our fear and our distrust.

Atoning for sins; to follow through,

We must “pick up the cross”, that is our due.

We know how much Jesus Christ suffered there,

With a sacrifice that is beyond compare.

Easter will always fill us with grace,

Rejoicing with our songs of praise. 

To know the stone was rolled away

With a resurrected Savior on Easter Day.

Our Savior’s death brought forth anew

His spirit within us, to renew

Our faith and hope in community,

The church, where we do God's work, you see.

The church that demonstrates God's love

Is one God envisions from above.

Practicing what is missio Dei, God's mission, every day.

May this be our God-given hope, we pray.

And so, we could tell you so much more

But read the Scriptures, we must implore.

For the Holy Bible will open the door

To His great promise of life forevermore.

Written by Carole A. Bauder

Cannot be published without the consent of the writer.

February 2, 2023