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Lifestyles over 50

A Trip Down Lifestyles over 50 Memory Lane

Lifestyles over 50 was born in April of 2006. Although content, styles, and personnel have changed over the years, the mission of “encouraging vibrant and healthy living” has always been our focus. And you, dear reader, have always been our focus. Below, you can see our first cover, as well as one of our first editorials that explains what we are all about. On the next page, we bring you original articles by the late Roy P. Bellesfield, our most popular writer. His memories of life in Allentown in ages past will either bring you back in time or make you wish you were here in those simpler bygone days.

The following is the July 2006, Issue 4, editorial by our first editor, Jeff Tintle Jr.

As individuals, our two most identifiable characteristics are our face and our name. While we have limited control of how well our face represents us (although modern science is changing this), we have control over our “good name.” Our actions and character contribute to the perceptions associated with who we are and what people think when our name is mentioned. Many times, people have preconceived notions about us without knowing the character qualities that define us. This is human nature.

What do you think when I say “Benedict Arnold” or “Mother Theresa”? Most do not know what Benedict Arnold did, but nobody wants their name associated with his. Arnold’s name is synonymous with treason. He was a general in the Continental Army, and in 1780 he sold out to the British. Out of desperation from personal debt, corruption charges, and a British loyalist wife, he launched an unsuccessful scheme to turn control of the Hudson River Valley over to the British.

Recently, I read about a study that found that an individual’s name can contribute to or hinder the individual’s success. The example used was an individual who had an uncommon name and was applying for a job. The person’s résumé with their name atop had a greater chance of being rejected, as most employers spend only seconds reading each résumé in the stack.

Indeed, names are important, and the most important name to you is your name. In the book How to Win Friends and Influence People, author Dale Carnegie says, “ ... a person’s name is the single sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Carnegie stresses the importance of remembering names as one simple tool in being a genuine person and making friends. No one enjoys being called “Hey You” or “What’s His Face.” Remembering a person’s name makes the other person feel good and leaves them with a positive perception about you.

Similar to an individual’s name, names of companies, organizations, and products are equally important. Many are familiar with Chevy’s blunder of selling the Chevy Nova in Latin America. The “No va” is literally translated into “Doesn’t go” and was not much of a success south of the border until Chevy changed the name.

In early 2006, we named our magazine Lifestyles over 50, which characterizes active lives, hobbies, and activities that our readers enjoy. We encourage readers to live well and enjoy life at all ages, especially those looking to have a fulfilling retirement. Pass out copies to your friends and family and encourage others to make the best out of every day.
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