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Summer Funny, Summer Not

“After another season,” said Farmer Perkins, “I guess we’ll have a chef for the summer boarder.”
“What’s a chef?” asked Mrs. Perkins.
“A chef is a man with a big enough vocabulary to give the soup a different name every day.”
The summer boarder asked, “Why is it that old hog keeps trying to come into my room? Do you think he has taken a fancy to me?”
Little Willie explained it. He whispered, “Why, that’s his room during the winter.”
With a nod to Johnny Carson
“It was so hot out — ”
“It was so hot out:
I saw a dog chasing a cat — and they were both walking.”
The cows are giving evaporated milk.”
The chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs.”
Hot water comes out of both taps.”
Erratum In the Spring 2022 issue, we inadvertently omitted the name of the author’s endocrinologist, Dr. Gretchen Perilli, from the article, “My Journey Into, and My Rescue From, Type 2 Diabetes.” We apologize for the omission.