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Lifestyles over 50

Early Summer 2022

Many of us are familiar with the popular TV show, "Finding Your Roots," where a team of experts uses paper trails, photos, and DNA to trace the ancestry of famous persons, often with surprising and emotional results. Even when we don't know the person, the family stories can be deeply fascinating. Personally, I know nothing about my family history, and only vaguely remember my maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather. I wish I knew more. Don't leave your family in the dark; take steps to record your family history so future generations can laugh and cry and honor your story!

If you wrack your brain trying to find that bottle of cardamon seeds, spring cleaning may be the time to consider a spice rack, plus other spring cleaning tips in our article on "Spring Cleaning Fever."

If you and your friends and family are beginning to get back together in person, and you're bored, try some board games or card games. We have suggestions to help you "deal" with down times.
Of course, we also have health-related articles to help you keep a spring in your step and make sure you get the best emergency care.

Keep on the sunny side!