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Lifestyles over 50

Holiday 2022

As I write this (type this, actually. When I try writing, my penmanship looks like someone dipped a worm in ink and let it loose on a piece of paper), my back and shoulders remind me that the autumn leaves have invaded my domicile like so many uninvited holiday guests.

Fall is a time of change. Kids change into costumes and school clothes; t-shirts change into sweaters and sweatshirts; lawn mowers change into snowblowers; and pocket change disappears in a frenzy of holiday shopping.

Change is coming to Lifestyles over 50 as well. Over the last 16+ years, our readers have tole us what they like best about the magazine, and we have taken serious note of both kudos and concerns. That is what has kept Lifestyles alive for so long! As you can see by the photos below, changes can be for the good (and sometimes don’t come quickly enough!); what we are now is the result of changes in our life.

Our next issue, due at the beginning of this coming year, 2023 (already?) will be a quarterly issue that combines our popular and helpful Product and Services Directory with the features that make Lifestyles over 50 unique. We will still offer health information and tips, jokes, puzzles, games, devotionals, and other good stuff you’ll find familiar.
See you next year!