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Loneliness: The Overlooked Epidemic

Oct 11, 2022 12:33PM ● By Elissa Clausnitzer
How many people suffer from this overlooked epidemic? I never realized this until it affected me.
In as many ways as there are life situations, the COVID-19 pandemic deeply affected our lives. My husband died from COVID-19 and my whole life changed forever. Thank God that I am surrounded by family and friends. I feel compassion for people who do not have these connections.

Staying connected to loved ones is vital and necessary. People without friends and family need to connect to someone or some organization that can give them some support. Organizations such as churches, senior groups and support groups, and community organizations, could be helpful. They may help with easing the frustration of being alone. This magazine always writes about all the organizations and groups that are available to people. I read this magazine and get ideas and really enjoy the variety of articles that inform, amuse, and overall enlighten me about what is available in the Lehigh Valley. Loss of freedom, emotional support, and positive social stimulation need to be addressed.

It helps to remember all the good times that can bring a smile to you. Growing older sometimes makes us forget about all the dreams and goals we have always had but maybe didn’t complete. Now is your time to remember and start new beginnings.

Economic and financial situations will likely change and one has to adjust. Look for help from reputable people who can direct you to good choices that fulfill your needs. Accepting a loss is a daily reality and process. Sadness is a part of everyday life, especially if you had a good marriage, relationship, or friendship. Isolation isn’t good and you must become connected to new people, places, and achievements. Do you remember all the activities you used to do? Start reacquainting yourself with past acquaintances and activities, or step into new beginnings. Personally, I love to read, play piano, sing, and laugh! I look for opportunities to indulge these joys as much as possible. Watch something funny on the television. Laughter is good for the soul. Keep in touch with sincere friends, because it is hard to find new ones with such loyalty. Be careful and selective. Join some organizations, and if you don’t like them, go on and try others.

Recall all the wonderful memories of your past. Life is forever changed and you must find new avenues of interest. I find that my spiritual life carries me through every day—through tears, disappointments, and depression. Be optimistic and surround yourself with people who can be positive, care about you, and make you smile. Hobbies can be further developed and shared with others. I would also like to mention that it is alright to be quiet and alone at times. Read the Bible or a book that you like. Meditate and be quiet at times. It is very healthy for you. This is your time to possibly fulfill a lifetime goal.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?