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Lifestyles over 50

Top 5 Career Changes You Should Consider When You're Over 50

Did you know that the largest age group in the U.S. workforce is the Millenials? With the oldest millennials in their early 40s and boomers reaching their 60s, the average age of workers in America is rising yearly. So, is it ever too late to change your career?

Regardless of your age and your plans regarding your career, it is never too late for you to make a change and do something that makes you happy. This post looks at some great career options for those over 50.

Wellness and exercise coach for seniors

If you're passionate about healthy living and helping people, a career as a senior wellness and exercise coach could be the perfect option for you. As more seniors stay fit and active later in life, there are more job opportunities for people who can provide coaching, exercise classes, and nutritional advice for seniors. Senior lifestyle coaches are in high demand in retirement communities, communities for people with disabilities, and even online. If you love helping others stay healthy, fit, and mobile, you can earn your qualifications at, This could be your perfect career!


Many people over 50 are looking to make a change in their careers and are drawn to the idea of becoming a therapist. Therapy is evolving, and many find it helpful in managing their life and helping others. If you've always wanted to help others and have worked in health-related fields, this could be an attractive move. Many therapists have high-powered careers in other industries before making the switch, and it's an excellent choice for people who love to help others. 

Health diagnostics

If you have a science and healthcare background, you may be interested in becoming a health diagnostic specialist. This relatively new profession uses the latest technologies to help physicians make accurate diagnoses. This career is an excellent fit for people who like to stay on the cutting edge of technology and have experience in healthcare fields such as pathology, lab work, and radiology. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this could be a great choice because it's a growing field that offers a variety of career options. 

Social worker

Social work has always been an excellent field for people who want to help others. This is the perfect career choice for people who like to be on the front lines and make a tangible difference. There are many different specialties in the field of social work, and each presents its own set of challenges. You can work in private practice, with foster children, or in hospice care, including for an in home hospice provider. This could be an excellent choice if you're compassionate and desire to help others. 

Care services

As we age, many people develop a greater desire to help others and be part of a team. If you enjoy being around people and want to do more for your community, a career in care services could be an ideal choice. If you're interested, it's a good idea to start by looking at job openings and finding out who is hiring in your area. Several areas to consider include health care, education, and working with children and families. 

Bottom line

Whatever career change you decide on, it's essential to research and determine what course you need to take to make the transition. Speaking to a career counselor to get advice on the best way to make the change is a good idea. No matter what your career change might be, staying open to new opportunities and not being afraid of change are essential.