back story peru webThis issue's Q & A with Kim D’Amico, Home Instead Senior Care, Lehigh County

How did you get into the senior industry?
Entering the senior industry has been a natural evolution. Initially, and for over 25 years, I worked in the field of medical genetics providing care to younger “at risk” families.

Like many approaching middle age, I continued to seek meaning and purpose – and luckily, I found it in my father-in-law, James D’Amico. At age 80, after the loss of his beloved wife of nearly 60 years, he moved into our home. Without realizing it I became his primary caregiver. For over 12 years he allowed our family the privilege of being part of his graceful (but not always easy) aging process.

During this time, my husband and I learned of an amazing service opportunity right here at home. An inspirational, Michael Crum, passionate about continuing care for his clients and CAREGivers, transitioned to us Home Instead Senior Care (HISC) of Lehigh County.

This brings me full circle- home to my family. My parents, Richard and Phyllis Koze, aunt Ethel Gery and brother Rick Koze have built homes in this community for over 50 years. Now, with the help of an amazing HISC team, we can provide care to those wishing to remain in some of those same homes. It is also an exceptional honor to care for those who cared for and raised me. I couldn’t have dreamed for a more rewarding opportunity than to serve seniors in the Lehigh Valley.

What are you most proud of?
The Power of the Other!!!
Spouse - Putting up with me for almost 30 years! He is kind hearted, always considerate of others.
Children - Persevering through adversity, accountability and willingness to do for others- amazing!   
Family and Friends - who with hard work, faith and optimism continue to make this world a better place.
Coworkers - From Administrative’s attention to detail in enhancing our seniors lives to our CAREGivers’ generous souls- be it young Rosa who recently graduated into a CNA or Jean who is 80 years of age and newly retired enjoying her blue suede shoes and all CAREGivers in between whose quality care has benefited our standout Seniors.

How do you define success?
I believe that success has many measures - but for me the essence of success is being introspective and confident that you did your personal best to make a situation better. ( If not -you best learn from it)  I guess a bit of the boy scout lives in me…  success is to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.  

What do you enjoy most about your job?  
What is most satisfying about our industry serving seniors is the shine when the right match is made. When both the Client and CAREGiver beam in each other’s company. It is remarkable how gratifying the relationship can be to both parties. A simple example, such as a daughter’s delight recalling returning home from an errand with dad and having him almost jump from the car with joy to greet his CAREGiver before it was in park. Under more challenging circumstances, to learn how a CAREGivers’ expert, tender care nurtured both client and family is a humbling and rewarding experience. I’d say to be a part of human nature in its best form is a privilege.    

What do you do for fun?
Family time is the best fun- even better if we can enjoy the great outdoors together. I quite enjoy travel, camping and hiking at local trails, our National Parks, and beyond.

Home Instead Senior Care, Lehigh County may be reached at or 610.770.7773.

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