Apple bushelsThis time of year is ripe (pun intended) for picking apples in the Lehigh Valley. To that end we have picked (again with the puns) some of our local “pick your own” venues. Please be sure you go to the respective websites for up to date information.

Strawberry Acres
1767 Clear View Rd. Coplay, PA 18037 610-262-1890,
“We are a pick-your-own fruit operation. However, for the convenience of those who cannot or do not wish to pick for themselves, we will also offer our fruit pre-picked during its respective season. We also provide our own picking containers and rides to the field. Plus, no ladders are needed to pick your own fruit. Everyone can reach!
Remember - picking times and dates vary with weather, customer response and crop conditions, over which we have no control. Please check our Facebook page, our website , or call our hotline at 610-261-2323.”

County Line Orchard
Located 2 miles north of Kempton on Rt. 143. 9200 Kings Highway (Rt 143), Kempton, PA 19529 610-756-6411.
“We use the integrated pest management approach to maintain a healthy environment, and have several acres of certified organic apples.”
The following apple varieties are available on the dates listed:
Melrose               1st thru 3rd weeks of October
Golden Delicious   starting 1st week October
Ida Red               starting 2nd week October
Suncrisp              starting 2nd week October
Rome                  starting mid October
Keepsake            starting 4th week of October
Goldrush             starting 4th week of October

Bobwhite Acres
3879 E. Mill Hill Rd. Coopersburg, Pa 18036 215-679-7756
Apple & Pumpkin Season (October).  
Closed Monday Tues - Fri 10:00 AM - 5:00 Pm Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Sunday 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
These apples are in season:
Cortland - Available for Pick Your Own & at our stand
Honeycrisp - Available at our stand
McIntosh  - Available at our stand
Red Delicious - Available for Pick Your Own
Royal Gala - Available at our stand
Jonagold - Available at our stand

Hamilton Wind Hill Orchards
7786 Steinsburg Road, Coopersburg 610- 967-6135
Early October:
“Red Delicious A sweet and juicy apple. They are a traditional apple great for snacks and salads.
Gold Delicious - Also known as Yellow Delicious, they are sweet and mellow with an almost pear-like flavor. They are excellent for snacking, salads and all cooking purposes.
Empire - A cross between a McIntosh and Red Delicious, leaning more towards McIntosh. They have a crisp, white flesh with dark red, almost purple skin. Empire apples are known for their perfect round shape, perfect for candied or caramel apples! They are excellent for snacks, desserts and salads.
Mid October:
Cameo - A relatively new variety that was discovered (instead of bred like most apple varieties). They are great eating apples with flavor that blends sweet and tart.
Crispin - Also known as Mutsu, they are sweet and juicy with a very firm texture and crisp white flesh. They are excellent for snacking and cooking.
Late October:
Fuji - Our standard Fuji has the same sweet taste and crisp texture as the early but tend to develop better color because they are on the tree for a longer period of time. They are a great eating apple.”

Grim’s Orchard & Family Farms
9941 Schantz Road, Breinigsville, PA 18031 610-395-5655
Now Picking:  HoneyCrisp, RubyMac, CrimsonCrisp, Daybreak Fuji, Crimson Jonagold, DeCoster Jonagold, and Autumn Gala. All Apples Are $1.79 Per Lb.
“Finding fresh and great tasting fruit is difficult these days, especially when you consider that most food travels hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach your local supermarket. But during Grims Apple Picking in the Lehigh Valley season, you can truly get the freshest, all-natural apples possible, straight from the tree itself. Not only that, but it is a fun family activity that everyone of all ages can enjoy, and one that yields delicious and fresh fruit.”

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    This time of year is ripe (pun intended) for picking apples in the Lehigh Valley. To that end we have picked (again with the puns) some of our local “pick your own” venues. Please be sure you go to...

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