angels 325x215Have you ever seen a sequence of numbers, especially over and over again? It could be that you noticed the clock said 5:55, then you looked at your odometer and it read 32,555, and yet again, you see a billboard that says 555.

Did you ever wonder why you are seeing numerical sequences? Especially the same ones over a short period of time? This could very well be angels trying to tell you something by catching your attention! So I thought I would share with you some of the numerical sequences, and what those who study angels (Angelology) claim they mean:

111: The angels are telling you that your thoughts are being manifested very rapidly right now. Be Careful! Think thoughts of what you want.
222: Keep holding your positive thoughts - they are like seeds growing and growing!
333: The Ascended Masters are near you and want you to be aware of their everlasting love and support. Call upon them!
444: The angels are presently around you.
555: Get ready !  A huge life change is coming your way. Change is a natural part of life, so keep an open mind.
666: Get your thoughts back in balance. You’re thinking too much of material things; get back to thinking about service.
777: This is a positive sign. Look for miracles to occur.
888: This could mean a particular phase of your life is about to end, or it could be a sign of “There is light at the end of the  tunnel.”
999: Mother Earth needs you right now, so get to work!  Or it is known to be a sign of Completion.
1010: You are one with God. Or, you have come full circle.

So, readers, think about the number sequences you see, and understand what the angels are telling you! The angels are trying to get your attention and communicate with you.  Next time you see number sequences before you  think about ‘ “Is this just a coincidence?”, “Is this my imagination working overtime?”, or,  “Is this a message from the angels?”

With Blessings, Mary Ann Villanti
CareGivers America is a non medical agency. We assist people in their homes or where home may be. We do personal care, light housekeeping, companionship, medication reminders, transportation, and so much more. Our clients are elderly or disabled and are treated with dignity and respect that they so richly deserve. Please call us at 610-821-4357 for more information.

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