You Post. We Promote. They Buy
  • One easy post and we automate your local marketing to generate leads
  • Then we make it convenient for leads to convert into sales
  • And we keep your existing customers informed and buying more
We Automate Your Local Marketing to Generate Leads
Your buyers are in 69+ places on the web and your information needs to be there too. With one easy post, EggZack automates over 8 types of marketing so you can reach 70% to 80% more buyers. Then within each post, we give buyers a call-to-action to buy, transact, or lead them back to your website to learn more.

Our system automates and optimizes your:
  • Website
  • Mobile website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Blogs
  • Email newsletter & announcements
  • Directories & citations
  • Local search
  • Local media announcements
  • Video
  • Misc. online marketing
We Make it Convenient for Leads to Convert into Sales
Good marketing will turn leads into sales and transactions when you make it convenient for buyers to take action. EggZack automatically puts a call-to-action within your posts so that leads can conveniently and instantly:

  • Place an order for pick up or delivery
  • Buy a prepaid deal
  • Book & pay for an appointment
  • Register & pay for a class or event
  • Request a reservation
  • Buy a gift certificate
  • Download & redeem a coupon or special offer
Local Sale 100%
We Keep Your Existing Customers Informed and Buying More
Your marketing is 65% more effective in creating sales with your existing customers. EggZack automates the process of keeping your existing customers informed and up-to-date, and makes it even more convenient for them to buy. EggZack will:
  • Securely store their credit cards so it only takes 1 click to pay you
  • Make it easy for your customers to instantly follow, like, and subcribe to you
  • Automate email announcements for instant customer notification
  • Automate your weekly or monthly email digests of your posts
  • Make your website a place your customers want to come back to often
  • Get your posts to the places where your customers want to get them
Local Sale 100%
They Buy Guaranteed
That's right. If your local sales don't increase, we'll stop charging the monthly fee for up to one year or until your sales increase, whichever is sooner.
Local Sale 100%
When You’ve Got it, Flaunt it
Heck, we can tell you all we want about the amazing results, yet why not let some of our happy customers do the testimonials? If you don’t believe us, ask them.
400% increase in website traffic

"Our traffic to our website has increased over 400% since we moved our publishing business to EggZack 4 months ago." LifeStyle over 50 - Jeff Tintle

The Customer Service is beyond outstanding

"The Customer Service that EggZack provides is beyond outstanding. Prompt response to issues is unparalleled. Add to that the company's desire to teach customers how to use and manage the software to meet their needs and you have a formula for customer loyalty that is seldom realized by other software companies. It is a pleasure to deal with the Eggzack Team".

Adrienne @ ProCare

EggZack has provided Equi-librium with innovative tools to enhance our web presence

The products are beautiful and user friendly, and the staff is extraordinarily helpful. Our new web template was developed with ease and has enhanced our professional image. Having the folks at EggZack on your creative team are truly an asset to any organization!

Teri @ Equi-librium

$20K ecommerce sales in just 2 weeks

In September we started using EggZack to promote our e-commerce site that sells contract furniture to the restaurant and hospitality industries. Since then we have seen a jump in web traffic and sales. Specifically, we launched a Spanish content initiative to publish articles in Spanish. Two weeks later we received a very large order that can only be credited to EggZack for bringing us the business.

Jeff T. @

Church gets more parishioners " Thanks EggZack"

I met with a couple last evening who are joining our church. They told me that they looked for a church for more than a year. Among the things that drew them to our church was that we had the most user friendly, up-to-date website, by far, that they had seen. Thanks EggZack for making that possible.

I've registered us with Google and have already seen our search results improve. Thanks for that help too.

Pastor Peter
St. Mark's Lutheran Church