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Lifestyles over 50 now serves seniors, boomers and caregivers in Bucks and Montgomery County region with a directory of senior services like assisted living, home care, adult day services, and more. The quarterly publication also includes an array of articles, games, events and more. Check community locations in the Buxmont area to pick up your copy. 

Readers can also search online for additional resource and video content. Professionals also use Lifestyles over 50 to help advise seniors and families on aging and care issues. 

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When is the Right Time for Retirees to Move?

moving services seniorsThe idea of selling your house and moving to a new location looks OVERWHELMING and MONUMENTAL! Living there for years surrounded by mementos and memories, the thought of leaving is more than you can bear. Your home is so familiar, so comfortable, and so much a part of you and your family’s life thinking of leaving leaves you with dread and loss.
Consequently, retirees often don’t want to make any big changes like this. But for most the times comes when staying in their current home is simply no longer safe or wise.

HERE’S A SECRET: when you look at the process step-by-step it begins to look far more manageable, much less overwhelming, and not so fearsome at all. This 6-part series will walk you through those steps.

My mother-in-law, Aggie, from Phoenix, AZ is the perfect illustration. Aggie provides a great example of a retiree and widow who dreaded, even avoided the thought of moving! Widowed in 2005, Aggie stayed in her 2,600 sq ft house,
depending on the kids to help with home upkeep and
driving her for her shopping and appointments. That all ended when Aggie fell and broke her shoulder in 2014. Result: she had to move to daughter Gina’s house. Aggie still resisted
selling the house. She loved staying there when my husband Michael and I came to visit. She could be in her old home for a few days with us knowing we were there to watch and transport her and do needed household repairs.

Aggie was chronically worried about home maintenance, housekeeping, and yardwork. The home was showing signs of
deterioration, but budget constraints and vulnerability to exploitive contractors were a hindrance. Her health issues
contributed to the challenge. Besides, she had to depend on her family with their own children and very busy lives.

These were huge obstacles so why resist moving?Very simply: fear of the unknown. She dreaded different surroundings, leaving friends and neighbors, giving up treasures and possessions, packing and sorting, the physical exertions of moving, and her loss of independence.

She was a creature of habit. Her unhappy situation was more tolerable than thinking about change. But Aggie discovered a surprise: she made the move and was happy she did. Retirees make new friends, enjoy life more and wish they’d moved sooner!

Such a life changing event isn’t done lightly. You’ll have to ask hard questions. “Did I work so hard all my life for this stressful lifestyle?” “Is this how I want to spend the next 10, 15 or 20 years?” “Might moving make life easier, more enjoyable and healthier?” You’ll have to dig a bit deep with these questions.

This article is the first article in the Should I Stay or Should I Go series. The next will feature
Concrete Steps to Overcome the Fear of Change

Wounds Become More Frequent and Harder to Heal with Age

wounded woman webYears ago, you hardly noticed a little scape, scratch or bruise. Within a short while, the wound healed and before long the sore was long forgotten. Today, it seems wounds appear more often and take longer to go away. It’s not your imagination. As you grow older, you become more susceptible to wounds and they take longer to heal. A number of factors contribute to this including the effects of aging, decreased movement and disease.

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Montgomery County Senior Games 2017

Montco Senior game

Are you an athletic or competitive senior? Maybe you just enjoy sports. If so, then the Montgomery Senior Games may be for you.

The Montgomery County Senior Games (MCSG) combine sports and recreation with fellowship among everyone involved. The mission of MCSG is to stimulate senior adults in Montgomery County to be active in sports and recreational events in order to maintain physical and mental well-being.

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New Medicare Cards - What You Need to Know

medicare enrollment webThere are big changes coming to your Medicare card next year. Starting in April of 2018, people with Medicare will begin to receive NEW Medicare cards with one major difference – your Medicare number, which is your Social Security number, will not be on the card. Because of increased concerns about identity theft and other safety reasons, your Social Security number will be replaced by a random 11-digit number that is unique to you with no identifying information. This change is being made to protect the security of your information, and your identity.

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Things to Do with Grandkids - Fall 2017

apple picking near palo webApple Picking
Solebury Orchards, Solebury. Quaint and simple, the orchard offers a simple picking experience. Wagon rides to the orchard. Thurs to Sun 9 am-6 pm. Soleburyorchards.com

Snipes Farm, Morrisville. Pick your own apples, a corn maze, face painting and pumpkin painting and barnyard animals. Starting late September to early November. Sat 9 am-6 pm & Sun 10 am - 5 pm. Snipesfarm.org

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Seasonal Affective Disorder... More Than the Winter Blues

sad man01Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that occurs in individuals during the same season each year. Typically, the symptoms of SAD begin in early fall and continue into the winter, but some individuals experience SAD during the spring and summer months.

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